What is the meaning and symbol of wrestling in dreams?

The meaning of wrestling dreams, wrestling dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of wrestling dreams to help you organize below.

I was wrestling in my dream. It means that you know that the other party has a family, but you still want to cater to the other party’s lifestyle and want to please the other party. This may damage your good reputation for a successful career. The struggle in this dream is to find a basis for one’s own behavior.

The warrior wrestling in the young woman’s dream indicates that she is going to choose one of the two lovers. Both of them love her very much and are even willing to die for her.

Wrestling with the dead in the dream indicates that you will get sick.

Dreaming of someone falling down indicates that relatives and friends may have temporary difficulties and need your help.

If you wrestle with someone in your dream, you face greater pressure and difficulties, and you want to release it in your dream. If you wrestle with someone in your dream and win, it means that you will eventually overcome the difficulties and achieve success.