What is the meaning and symbol of buying pillows in your dreams?

The meaning of the dream of buying a pillow. Dreaming about buying a pillow has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about buying a pillow below to help you organize it.

To dream of buying pillows is an auspicious dream, which means that someone with high authority will value you and will promote you in recent years. If the pillow you bought in your dream breaks, it means that you will lose your power, and you, who used to be arrogant in the past, will become uninterested.

Candidates dream of buying pillows, the main learning situation often meets unexpected help, so you can quickly enter the situation, in terms of performance, but also because of unexpected good luck, you can show better abilities, so results Very impressive.

Young people dream of buying pillows, the health aspect treadmill may help to do this fitness exercise. Adjust the slope steeper and run faster, so that it only takes a short time to burn more fat. In the gym, you can also increase the intensity of exercise by changing to a training class or a new equipment.

Dreaming of pillows usually indicates that you will get help from noble people.

Dreaming of flat pillows indicates that there is a shortage of money recently and the need to save.

Dreaming of a small pillow means that friends from far away will visit.

Dreaming of a big pillow indicates that you have recent fortune.

Dreaming of a dirty or crumpled pillow indicates that you may cause trouble to yourself because of reckless behavior.

If a young woman dreams that she is sewing a pillow, it indicates that she will have an enviable prospect and future.