What is the meaning and symbol of the wedding in the dream?

The meaning of wedding dreams, getting married in dreams Weddings have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the weddings in the dreams below to help you organize.

To dream of someone getting married indicates that the dreamer is lucky, that he may get an unexpected gain in money, or get a promotion, and a bright future.

If you dream of getting married, you should pay attention to your health, which implies that you might get sick or even die.

A young woman dreams of marrying another man besides her lover, which means that the marriage will be delayed due to the death of relatives and friends;

An unmarried man dreams of his girlfriend marrying someone else indicates that your marriage may be delayed due to the death of a relative or friend.

The husband dreamed that his wife was married to someone else, implying that his wife would suffer disasters, misfortunes, etc., and that he should pay more attention to his wife’s safety and health in the near future.

To dream of getting married with an old man or woman usually means that you will get a gift from an inheritance. If it is a young unmarried woman who has such a dream, it may also indicate that there will be noble people to help in life.

Married women dreaming of such a dream indicates that they will get more opportunities to make money.

The student dreamed of marrying an old man, reminding you to cherish your school days.

Dreaming of attending a wedding usually indicates that relatives and friends will die.

To dream of watching someone else’s wedding indicates that there will be good luck at home, such as promotion of relatives and successful exams.

To dream of becoming the master of marriage indicates that you will be promoted and have a great future.

To dream of walking into a luxurious wedding lobby or wedding banquet venue indicates that your career will succeed and you will win wealth and reputation.

A man dreams of being a bridegroom reminds you to take good care of the feelings in front of you and express yourself. On the other hand, you should also pay attention to your health in the near future, which may indicate that you will get sick.

A woman dreams of being a bride, whether the groom is your ideal person or not, means that you are making rapid progress in love and will make breakthroughs with your boyfriend.

To dream of your parents attending your own wedding indicates that you will have an honorable person to help you.

Dreaming of the bride and groom worshipping each other, on the one hand indicates that you may receive unexpected inheritance gifts, on the other hand, it may also indicate that you will encounter difficulties.

Dreaming of the bridegroom laughing happily indicates that you may meet the opposite sex you like and be excited inside.

Dreaming that there are a lot of drinks at the wedding, you should be cautious in the near future, which implies that you will be in trouble and makes you worry and worry.

Young men and women in love dream of going to a wedding banquet. It is also possible that your relationship will encounter twists and turns, or that you may have friction with your lover for trivial matters.

Young men and women who are about to get married dream of a wedding without guests attending it, which means that you are worried about your future marriage and fear that some parents will not accept your union.

If you dream of a wedding where the bride or groom is absent, it implies that you do not believe in your partner, and that the other person makes you feel safe enough.

If you dream of losing your wedding ring during your wedding, it also symbolizes that you don’t believe in the other party and you have no sense of security in your heart.