The meaning and symbol of Pick vegetables in the vegetable garden in dream

The meaning of the dream of picking vegetables in the vegetable garden. Dreaming of picking vegetables in the vegetable garden has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of picking vegetables in the vegetable garden.

Picking vegetables is a very common little thing in life, but it also illustrates some little truths. For example, if you know how to live, the little things in life will make you happy.

It is a good thing to go to the vegetable garden to pick vegetables in the dream, which indicates a good reputation.

Dreaming of picking vegetables in the vegetable garden will make you famous all over the world.

The candidate dreams of picking vegetables in the vegetable garden indicates a good test score.

A woman dreams of picking vegetables in the vegetable garden indicates a good fortune in the near future, prosperous wealth, fame and benefits, but too much luck will hide the signs of decline, so you can’t be proud and negligent.

A business person dreams of picking vegetables from the vegetable garden indicates that the recent fortune is good, and the possibility of getting ill-gotten wealth is very high.

A case study of dreaming about picking vegetables in the vegetable garden

Dream description: I am a woman. I dreamt that my aunt’s house became a vegetable garden. Their stairs were turned into loofah racks. The stairs were high and there was a deep ditch below. I passed by the loofah vines. I felt like I fell into the ditch.

Then I came to a vegetable field. There were vegetables that hadn’t been planted for a long time. They were full of various kinds of beans. The first was the beans. Then I saw a lot of bugs. They were like wings, so big. Desperately eating the sprouts on the ground, where there are black beans and the like, almost moved by the wind, just like the things on the ground were blown out of the vegetable field in the foreign market.

Then there is a civet cat, which looks like a cat, but subconsciously I know that it is a civet cat, and he is also desperately eating things on the ground.

The cousin came, we walked back, because I felt scared, I don’t know how my cousin had already walked, I couldn’t see the way back, but I was terrified, so I jumped down and realized it only after a jump The bottom is deep, my cousin said: “Be careful.”

So I saw a small tiger near me. It was very small, but it really looked like a tiger.

Dream analysis: 1. Relying on thought

The neighbourhood of my aunt’s house reflects the hope that my aunt, cousin and other relatives can provide safety and assurance for myself.

2. Pursuit and Fear

Vegetables refer to plants other than food (mostly herbs) that can be used for cooking and cooking into food. Vegetables are one of the essential foods in people’s daily diet. The vegetable garden in the dream is a place where vegetables are grown. It is an auxiliary food for life rather than the main food. Just like human needs in life, human physical needs are the first, and human spiritual needs come second. Therefore, the extension of the vegetable garden means that the dream master has entered the level of human spiritual needs.

Stairs are upward passages and tools, meaning the pursuit of high-quality life. The tall loofah frame means danger, it means that it is not strong, it can not play a role in sheltering you from wind and rain. There is a deep ditch underneath, which makes people fall.

The loofah grows very well, and I feel like pushing myself into the ditch. The loofah means good things and mature people. The shape of the loofah also metaphors the male sexual organs. It makes people feel temptation, but this temptation Let you have a sense of crisis and a sense of falling.

Vegetables that have not been planted for a long time on a vegetable field are full of all kinds. These dishes mean many kinds of things that are not yet mature.

A lot of bugs eat the buds on the ground, which means that things or things that need to grow and develop normally have not been protected and eroded and damaged. Being displaced by the wind, such as when things on the ground are blown out of the vegetable field in the foreign market, it means that those things or things are greatly affected, and some are deprived of the right and opportunity for normal growth.

The civet cat is also desperately eating the things on the ground. The civet cat represents a cunning and greedy animal. It is not an upright animal. It means that the vegetables on the ground are eaten, that is, eroded and destroyed.

Bean sprouts and vegetables mean that oneself is growing and needs protection and care of the “self”.

Insects and civet cats mean gluttonous, sexual, and enjoyable indulgence thoughts, and indulgent “self”.

The arrival of the cousin reflects the dreamer’s desire for company and support, and reflects the dreamer’s dependence. It also reflects the dreamer’s desire to mature and become a mature woman like her cousin.

The inability to see the way back means that I hope to return to the original situation and do not want things to continue to develop, but I cannot get rid of the status quo.

I only found it deep when I jumped down, which means I want to get rid of this situation, but if I get rid of it, the consequences may be more serious and even more dangerous.

The cousin said “careful”, which means that mature people will not take risks easily.

There are a few tigers near me. A small tiger means weak and cute, but a big one is also scary and scary. So now you feel that there is no big threat or fear anymore.

Dreams reflect the contradictions and conflicts between the id and self.

Due to growth, you pursue spiritual needs and hope to have a good life and life, but you feel that life is not so easy, and it is full of crisis, which will make people fall. I hope to grow up normally, but the various desires and greed in my heart are destroying the growing self. You are evading in your heart, but in the process of escaping, you find that the things that actually make you scared and worried are actually very cute. . As for whether it will harm you in the future, you are not worried.

Insects and civet cats are greedy, a symbol of pleasure and sex. The cousin is a mature side that represents moral restraint. A tiger is an evaluation of the degree of danger of his actions.