The meaning and symbol of wash underwear in dream

The meaning of the dream of washing underwear, dreaming of washing underwear has realistic effects and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about washing underwear below to help you sort out.

Dreaming of washing underwear, your luck is very good, you will feel that everything is so beautiful! Especially in the first and middle ten days, you can do whatever you think of, and what you do will become nothing. If the bad side is that the good time passes too fast, you will always feel that there is not enough time, and the things that should be completed are not completed in the expected time. This will affect your credit, so don’t be too indulged in enjoyment. , Spend more time at work, and honestly do the things that others have told you to do well, isn’t it? All things come to you at the end of the month, probably this is the so-called happiness and sorrow. Beware of unintentional betrayal by people around you. This time it will bring you a lot of trouble, and the other party will make a look of innocence. You may still be tempted to forgive him and be nice to him, but you must be guarded. It is better to keep a low profile in front of this kind of people, and be cautious in words and deeds, and don’t leave him with a handle.

Men can think of it this way: Women run their husbands in public, often just to improve their status and self-confidence, or simply to “hit their mouths”. And there is a law that everyone knows: when a woman says “no”, she is actually saying “yes” in her heart. When a woman is willing to say “yes”, she is not a woman. By analogy, if your wife says you are stupid twelve times, then it is equivalent to boasting that you are twelve times clever-worthy of year-end rewards. The income is good, but you will have a lot of big money, and the speed and amount of money spent are amazing, and you may not even realize this speed of spending money. If there is a good thing, it is that the money spent makes Libra happy.

Candidates dream of washing underwear, which indicates an ideal test score.

The old man dreams of washing underwear, he must pay attention to his health.

When young people dream of washing underwear, they must pay attention to their health and ensure adequate drinking water in order to accelerate the metabolism of blood, so that toxic substances can be excreted from the body as soon as possible, so that the blood maintains good fluidity and a reasonable combination of components. Hyperlipidemia and thick blood can cause changes in blood quality, which are the root causes of diseases. Usually pay attention to hydrating, especially drinking some tea that is good for health, which has obvious effects on reducing blood fat and improving blood flow in tiny blood vessels.