The meaning and symbol of Earth and rock in dream

The meaning of the dream of transporting earth and rocks. Dreaming of transporting earth and rocks has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of earth and rocks for you to organize below.

To dream of transporting earth and rocks to your home, if the transported soil is heavy and heavy, you will be rich; if the transported stones are big, they will be expensive. No matter who you transport it into, you will be rich.

To dream of transporting soil and rocks into the room is also a symbol of wealth.

In dreams, soil represents dirt, and at the same time it represents the basis for nurturing all living things, and it also represents action. Dreaming of soil, carrying soil, transporting soil: Dreaming of your clothes being soiled by soil indicates that you will leave home, but you will be in a lawsuit. To dream of someone throwing dirt at yourself indicates that you will be hurt by others.

Dreaming that you are moving soil indicates that your fortunes such as love and wealth will be improved, and you will have unexpected surprises when you go out.

Dreaming that others are carrying soil indicates that you will have a fortune.