The meaning and symbol of decoration in dream

The meaning of decoration dreams. Dreaming about decoration has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming decoration below to help you sort out.

Dreaming that you are cleaning or painting the house implies that you want to completely get rid of old thoughts, free yourself from shackles, and start with a new look. In addition, the house also symbolizes the body.

Dreaming of painting the house may also imply that you are going to be sick, and you should pay attention to your health in the near future.

Dreaming about decorating and decorating in the house also implies that you are a bit over-stressed recently and need to relax appropriately.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Decoration is to cover up the room with decorative materials, which means disguise and cover up.

Psychological analysis: dreaming of decorating a room is a bad idea. Dreaming of decorating your own room means that because you are not sincere enough, there will be conflicts in your family life, and you should be honest with your family. When a woman dreams of decorating a room, it means that because of her vanity, her husband will be dissatisfied, and she may even be separated from her. You should put the bottom down and communicate frankly with your husband.