The meaning and symbol of Stand guard in dream

The meaning of the dream of standing guard, dreaming of standing guard has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of standing guard to help you sort out below.

Standing guard is done to guard certain things. In the dream, standing guard expresses a kind of warning in his heart that there are various dangers that threaten his future.

To dream of standing guard indicates that you will be troubled by villains in your future work, and you must always be careful.

To dream of others standing guard for yourself indicates that you will be thrown into trouble when encountering difficulties.

To dream of others standing guard indicates that you will have unexpected gains.

Dreaming of soldiers standing guard means that the dreamer needs to be vigilant in his work to prevent villains from making trouble.

To dream of standing guard with a gun, your emotional relationship will be affected by social reputation. What is your reputation and how you are today will be easier to reach your lover or crush today! Are you panicked and want to make up for it? Suggestions, Killing you without acknowledging the account, or admitting honestly, choosing one of them is better than cuddling!

To dream of standing guard, you should pay attention to unresolved things. In these two days, it is easy to encounter situations where the other party cannot give a positive answer immediately. In this case, the other party often wants to take the opportunity to investigate you, so while waiting for a reply, remember to keep your work meticulous and stable. Because once the other party finds that the situation is unfavorable, it is possible to let go.