The meaning and symbol of flight in dream

The meaning of flying dreams. Dreaming about flying has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about flying below to help you sort out.

Flying in dreams is generally directly related to sexual desire. From a broad perspective, flying means that there is no obstacle, which means that the dreamer may be free from the limitations caused by himself.

To dream of flying to the sky indicates that the dreamer longs for freedom and wants to shape his own life according to his own spirit;

To dream of flying down from the sky means that the dreamer is turning to an objective and rational life, returning from hope to reality;

To dream of falling suddenly in flight indicates that the disillusionment of ideals has brought a great spiritual shock to you;

To dream of flying means that the dreamer will be promoted or profit in business;

A woman dreams of flying with a stranger means that she may leave her husband and climb another branch.

When you are in the growth stage, dreaming that you are flying is a reflection of the physiological phenomenon of growing taller. Adults dream of flying to the sky mostly symbolizes freedom and success, and is a manifestation of self-confidence.

If you dream of a happy mood when you fly up, you should have gained a lot in life recently. If you dream of a nervous or melancholic mood when you fly, then it should be an escape from reality in your subconscious mind.

In addition, ancient Indians believed that if sexual energy reached the top of the head along the passage, they would dream of flying.

Chinese medicine believes that the upper Jiao is the part from the head to the appetite, including the chest, head, heart and lungs. If the disease is a real disease, it is easy to dream of flying.

To dream of flying in the sky indicates the misfortune of married life.

Dreaming of flying at a low altitude almost close to the ground indicates illness and upset, but soon you can return to normal.

Dreaming of flying over muddy water warns you to handle your private affairs carefully, because your opponent is watching you closely and waiting for opportunities to confuse you.

Dreaming of flying past a run-down place indicates bad luck and depressing surroundings. If you notice the green trees and plants underneath while flying, you will experience a short life of hardship, but then you will be flat.

Seeing the sun while flying in a dream indicates that your worry is meaningless, because you are afraid of failure, but you will eventually succeed.

To dream of flying in space, flying over the moon, flying over other planets, indicates famine, war and all kinds of troubles.

To dream of flying with my black wings indicates disappointment and pain. If you fall in flight, it indicates your destruction; if you wake up in a dream of falling, you will successfully put your life on track again.

The young man dreamed that he flapped his white wings and flew over the green vegetation, indicating business progress and success in love. He always has such dreams, and he will always be prosperous and get his wish. If the trees below look bare or dead, it indicates that in order to realize his wish, he must overcome and clear the obstacles he encounters, but his efforts have almost no results.

The woman dreamed of flying from one city to another, and only stopped to perch on the spire of the church halfway, indicating that she had many obstacles to overcome, but she had adopted the wrong way.

The young woman dreamed of being shot while flying, indicating that her opponent was trying to prevent her from developing into a higher, more valuable and more prosperous field.