The meaning and symbol of praise in dream

The meaning of praise dreams. Dreaming about praise has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreams about praise below to help you sort out.

Dreaming of friends or elders complimenting yourself indicates that you will be lucky in the near future, but you must be careful not to be deceived.

Dreaming of getting praise from your wife implies that your wife may be unfaithful to you.

To dream of subordinates complimenting yourself indicates that your work situation, or business will encounter difficulties, get into trouble, make yourself lose prestige and persuasiveness, and it is difficult to mobilize subordinates.

Dreaming that strangers praise yourself, you should avoid impulsiveness and conflict with others in the near future.

Dreaming that the enemy praises yourself indicates that you will surrender your opponent.

If a wife dreams that she is praised by others, it implies that she may be dissatisfied with her husband.

Students dream of being praised by others and should beware of failing the exam and should study hard in the near future.

To dream of complimenting your wife, friends, or relatives indicates that your life is harmonious and happy.

To dream of praising your opponent indicates that your opponent will launch an attack on you, causing you to suffer losses and reduce your prestige.

To dream of yourself praising others, beware of setbacks and disasters.

The staff dreams of complimenting their boss, it implies that you will be promoted, or increase your salary or bonus.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Praise is to publicly praise good people and deeds, but the praise in dreams is mostly anti-dream, often not from the heart, but often to achieve a certain purpose. People who praise you will often look down on you in their hearts and think You are easy to lie. So in the dream, praise means insult. It is a bad omen.

Psychoanalysis: dreaming of a stranger complimenting oneself may be insulted. To dream that the enemy praises oneself, the enemy will submit to oneself. To dream of being praised by relatives and friends is a bad omen, which means that the dreamer may be deceived. To dream of being praised by your wife, the wife may behave badly, which is disgusting. If you dream of your ministry complimenting yourself, your business may be a mess, and your subordinates will turn a deaf ear to your words. Mengyang’s wife, friends or relatives are auspicious signs and life will be happy.

Case analysis of dreaming of praise

【Dream Case 1】

Dream description: Everyone wants to be praised by the teacher, but must be excellent in one aspect, I can do any aspect, but not too outstanding. However, in my dream, I dreamt that the teacher praised me, saying that I had a relatively high score in the comprehensive assessment, and I hope I can continue to work hard. (Male, 18 years old)

Dream analysis: The meaning of the praise dream depends on the specific situation. To dream of being praised is to remind you not to be proud. To dream of others being praised tells you to learn from others’ strengths. Dreaming that you praise others indicates that you will win a sincere friendship. To dream of others complimenting yourself indicates that you will get help from friends.

[Dream Case 2]

Dream description: There is a college student preparing for postgraduate entrance examination, usually under great pressure. One night, he dreamed that he was running fast at a sports meeting, and the principal praised him on the spot, saying who it was, so great.

Dream analysis: This dream is a good dream, which shows that the dreamer strongly wishes to be liberated from the pressure of study and life, and strongly wants to rely on his own strength to prove his ability. In the dream, the running speed is fast, which means that he is troubled by some factors and cannot realize his ideal smoothly. I hope that through hard work, the obstacles will be left behind. During the study period, there are often such dreams, which is a manifestation of hard work. And dreaming of being praised indicates that the dreamer’s efforts will be rewarded.