The meaning and symbol of Open a factory in dream

The meaning of the dream of opening a factory, dreaming of opening a factory has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about opening a factory below to help you sort out.

The factory owner symbolizes frustration.

Setting up a factory is a career trouble. To dream of setting up a factory by yourself means that your efforts will fail.

If you dream of working in a factory, it usually indicates a good turn in your life, or brings new opportunities.

If you dream that the factory or workshop is busy, it indicates that you will be rewarded and successful after putting in your efforts.

Dreaming that there is no movement in the factory, there will be misfortune in some of your relatives.

Dreaming that there are only buildings in the factory and no mechanical equipment inside is a warning that there will be a fire.

To dream that there are many people in the factory, and a lively atmosphere, means that the people around you will have a good impression of you.

To dream of walking through the factory door will benefit from the assistance of others. Salaried persons can be promoted, and the unemployed can find good jobs. This is a good dream.

On the other hand, the dream coming out of the factory gate indicates the omen of unemployment, demotion, and bankruptcy.